Amman Summit Aims for Arab Pursuit of Peace

March 30, 2017
Government Spokesperson and Minister of State for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani speaks at a press conference marking the conclusion of the Economic and Social Council ministerial meeting at the Dead Sea on Sunday (Photo by Osama Aqarbeh)

DEAD SEA — The 28th Arab summit sends a message to the entire world on the Arabspursuit of peace and stability, a senior official said on Sunday.
Through its upcoming resolutions, the Arab summit seeks to convince the rest of the world that Arab nations are “highly credible when it comes to peace and the two-state solution” for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, said the government spokesperson and minister of state for media affairs, Mohammad Momani.
He cited the Palestinian issue as a permanent topic of Arab League discussions.
Momani noted that His Majesty King Abdullah, who will head the Arab League Council meeting at the summit level on Wednesday, will visit Washington days after the Arab summit ends, as Monarch and President of the Arab summit.
During his US visit, the King will discuss major challenges facing the Arab world, including the issue of Jerusalem, the dangers of extremism and terrorism and conflicts in Syria, Libya and Yemen.   
“We are a nation that seeks peace, and we would like the international community to stand with us in our efforts,” Momani said, urging the Israeli government to be “more forthcoming” in committing to the peace process.
Speaking at a press conference marking the conclusion of the Economic and Social Council ministerial meeting, the official, who heads the summit’s media committee, noted that the summit is of “utmost political and diplomatic importance”, as Arab leaders and officials meet to discuss a progressive vision on several challenges.
He reiterated the Arab League’s commitment to the two-state solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which holds Israel accountable to its responsibilities as an occupier, commits to the rights of Palestinians, and considers Jerusalem as an occupied territory.
“We firmly stand behind the Arab Peace Initiative as well as other international peace initiatives and UN Security Council resolutions as an important framework through which the League can come to a point that brings justice to the Palestinian people,” he said.
“We hope that Israel commits to the peace process and implementing it,” Momani added.
“The absence of a just solution [for the conflict] and peace creates an environment that can be utilised to serve terrorist groups and extremism to spread depression and extremism, negatively affecting regional stability,” he noted.
Momani said the ministerial meeting is of significance in various fields, including the fight against terrorism and enhancing economic cooperation among Arab countries.
In order to boost inter-Arab trade and economic integration, he said, the ministerial meeting reached an agreement to set up a detailed strategy and an implementation plan for a system that unified customs fees.
The strategy seeks to enhance the currently “low” inter-Arab trade, which amounts to only 10 per cent of the Arab trade volume, and to encourage external investments in the region.
He described the Cairo Declaration for the advancement of women’s status in Arab societies and the endorsement of the 2030 strategy for Arab women as an important step for supporting women in the region.
Responding to a question on the visit of Saudi King Salman to Jordan to take part in the summit, Momani said Jordanian and Saudi leaders will hold a number of meetings, whereby they will sign a number of “important” agreements.
“Jordan and Saudi Arabia have deep brotherly relations,” he highlighted.
Regarding Sudan’s participation in the summit, Momani said details regarding the attendance of Arab leaders will be announced later, once confirmed.
“Jordan is a founding member of the Arab League, and is completely committed to its charter, which clearly mentions Sudan’s membership in the Arab League. Therefore, Sudan must attend Arab summits in light of the league’s charter,” he noted.
Regarding the Syrian crisis, Momani said the league acknowledges the need for a political solution inclusive of all parties, adding that it is the only way to bring peace and stability to Syria.
The success in achieving that will be a step towards reinstating Syria’s representation in upcoming Arab summits, he noted.
Jordan Times
March 27, 2017