Conference On Syrian Refugee Crisis To Start Sunday

September 8, 2017

AMMAN — The National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) will hold a conference on Sunday and Monday, titled "Civil Society and Refugee issues/ the Syrian Refugee Crisis".
The conference, which will be attended by civil society institutions, representatives of the public sector as well as donors, is held as part of the "Supporting the Civil Society in Jordan" project, which is run by the NCHR and supported by the EU.
It will cover topics such as Jordan's commitments towards refugees and the impact of the Syrian refugee influx on different sectors including education, health, labour, water, environment and security, commissioner general of the NCHR, Musa Braizat told The Jordan Times.
On Monday, discussions will go over the civil society institutions' role in solving the issues caused by the refugee burden on the Jordanian society, and the international contribution in supporting the Jordan Response Plan.
According to the Jordan Response Plan, the Kingdom has provided refuge to some 1.266 million Syrians, 655,833 of whom are registered as refugees. Around 141,000 (11 per cent) live in camp settings, while the vast majority lives in host communities in rural and urban areas.
In previous remarks, the government stated that, while the international community has been supportive towards Jordan, development and humanitarian aid has not kept pace with the increasing needs and requirements. 
Jordan Times
September 5, 2017