His Majesty King Abdullah II Inaugurates "Jordan Expatriates Conference"

Amman (Petra) -- At the Dead Sea shores the 2015 Jordan Expatriates Conference kicked off, Tuesday, dubbed '' Jordan Brings US Together'' under the royal patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II.

His Majesty, during the ceremony, along with attendants watched videos for Jordanians abroad, which embodied their feelings towards their homeland and introduced a bright image about Jordanians' excellence and success in various fields.

The three-day conference will address a number of political and economic issues, in addition to Jordanians abroad axis and the role of Jordanian diplomatic missions outside the Kingdom.

At the preliminary session, Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour stressed the importance of keeping contact with expatriates, in order to motivate them to defend their country and its supreme interests.

Since the high importance Jordan's expatriates enjoy in their country and in line with His Majesty's vision, expatriates affairs were added to the name of the foreign ministry, Ensour said.

Ensour added that his government has put in place a strategic plan for the years (2014-2018) to serve Jordan's expatriates and their interests.

Several committees were formed ahead of the conference, while a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates visited 14 countries in Europe, North America and other regions, and met with Jordanians there in preparation for the event.

Today, approximately 600 Jordanian expatriates convened at the Dead Sea. Ministry Spokesperson Sabah Al Rafie said participants came from 60 countries across the world, with the majority of them from Gulf Arab states, as the largest number of Jordanian expatriates live and work there.

Conference participants were selected to represent all segments of Jordanians living abroad, according to previous remarks by ministry officials.

Official figures estimate the number of Jordanian expatriates at around 750,000.

Over 300,000 Jordanian professionals are based in Saudi Arabia, followed by the United Arab Emirates with nearly 200,000.

Jordan Times & Petra News Agency
July 28, 2015