His Majesty King Abdullah II issues discussion paper on education in Amman

April 18, 2017

His Majesty King Abdullah on Saturday called for working comprehensively to address the urgent challenges facing the education sector to arrive at a modern education system that is “pivotal to building the future we seek.”
In his Seventh Discussion Paper, titled “Developing Human Resources and Education Imperative for Jordan’s Progress”, King Abdullah said that developing education is the most rewarding investment, noting that every Jordanian is entitled to an opportunity to pursue a good education, excel and realise his or her highest potential.
Stressing that educational institutions must believe in the promising capabilities and talents of students and help them unleash their potential, His Majesty called for adopting modern teaching methods to encourage critical and deductive thinking, rather than rote learning, highlighting the need to combine theory and practice.
“We cannot allow fear of change nor reluctance to embrace modernisation and scientific advancement to waste the vast potential of our tremendous human resources. We will not tolerate miring this strategic sector and the future of Jordanians in petty politicking and narrow interests; this is an alarming path, for education must rise above all such issues if we are to continue with our reform and development endeavours to create a better present and future,” the King said.
Education, His Majesty noted, cannot be reduced to reading and writing, stressing that it encompasses computer and Internet literacy, major international languages, communication skills, professional work ethics, critical thinking and analytical skills.
“We seek a Jordan that takes its rightful place among the countries leading educational transformation. Our gate to the future lies in building capacities through quality education and excellent graduates,” the King added.
Mastering Arabic is also a must, His Majesty stressed, noting that education is an effective tool to spread tolerance and understanding and shun bigotry and extremism.
The King added that educational transformation is key to comprehensive reform.
“We must all work together as one—students, teachers, parents, and institutions—to reach our goal. Every day offers an opportunity for our youth to fulfil their potential; let us seize it and grant them what they deserve,” His Majesty concluded.