Income-Generating Greenhouses to Be Built in Maan — Agriculture Ministry

June 16, 2017

 AMMAN — Dozens of greenhouses will be built in Al Jafer District in July to provide residents with income generating ventures, a government official said on Thursday.
The new greenhouses, which will be provided by the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency, will be presented to farmers in Jafer in Maan Governorate, 220 kilometres south of the capital, to help create job opportunities and fight poverty, Ministry of Agriculture Spokesperson Nimer Haddadin said.
"A total of 100 new greenhouses will be presented to the farmers of Jafer with the aim of fighting poverty and unemployment. Implementation of the project will commence in July," Haddadin noted.
Unconventional crops will be planted in the greenhouses, he said, indicating that trained agricultural engineers will oversee the project.
"Also under the project, agricultural engineers from Jafer will visit Turkey, where they will receive training on cultivating unconventional crops that generate high profits. Once they return home, the trained agricultural engineers will steer and oversee the project," Haddadin said.
He noted that the ministry supports small income-generating projects, such as farming and the raising of goats, as a way to reduce poverty and unemployment, particularly in remote areas.
Located 60 kilometres from Maan city centre, Jafer District is located near the Jordanian-Saudi border, comprising ten villages and with a total population of 7,804 people, according to figures from the Ministry of Interior's website.
Jafer sits on one of the country's main aquifers and is characterised by expanisve agricultural lands. It supplies the local market with several types of fruits and vegetables, mainly tomatoes.
Jordan Times
June 16, 2017