Interior Minister, UNHCR Official Discuss Impact of Syrian Refugee Crisis

July 7, 2017

AMMAN -- Interior minister Ghaleb al-Zoubi Tuesday discussed with UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in Jordan, Stefano Severe, the repercussions of the successive waves of refugees on Jordan, particularly from Syria.
They discussed support for Jordan to deal with the prolonged Syrian refugee crisis and the close coordination between the Kingdom and the refugee agency to deal with the urgent needs of the displaced people.
Al-Zoubi said the adverse effects of the Syrian crisis on Jordan in all aspects is "no secret", particularly the infrastructure, which had clearly been used up in addition to its impact on the key resources of water and energy.
However, Jordan is taking this burden as a national, moral and humanitarian responsibility by its leadership and people, he said, adding that continuing this role requires a deeper and more serious look by the international community at the Kingdom's (limited) resources and potentials, particularly in the hosting communities.
During the meeting, al-Zoubi said his ministry is committed to supporting the UNHCR's efforts in Jordan to provide assistance to the refugees and mitigate the negative repercussions of the refugee problem on the Kingdom.
The UN official said he appreciates cooperation between his agency and the interior ministry and noted the facilities being provided to address the needs of the refugees.
He stressed that the UNHCR is actively pursuing to document the refugees, noting that the agency realizes the magnitude of the burdens they posed on vital sectors and services.
The two sides agreed to maintain coordination and consultation to ease the difficulties arising from hosting the refugees.
Petra News Agency
July 4, 2017