Jordan Signs Funding Agreement With 20 Community-Based Organizations

September 6, 2018

AMMAN — The Ministry of Social Development on Monday signed an agreement with a total of 20 community-Based organisations (CBOs) from across the Kingdom to fund projects aimed at involving more individuals in social work and community service in various sectors. Social Development Minister Hala Lattouf said the signing ceremony comes "within the framework of the ministry’s belief that CBOs bring people together for a just cause”. “Nowadays, we need joint efforts to see a better tomorrow,” she said, stressing the ministry's readiness to support organisations in overcoming their challenges to achieve social development and "a brighter future". Nada Gharagheer, project manager and public relations officer at the Childhood and Family Organisation in Deir Alla, said that her organisation's project supports people with mental disabilities. The organisation holds activities for youth-run programmes, and plans to launch a kindergarten for children of the neighbourhood, Gharagheer added, voicing hope that the newly-signed project would help enhance the sphere of community-based programmes, and encourage more individuals and groups to start new projects in their communities. “We need unique projects that serve the residents of rural areas in Jordan. However, I believe it is necessary to have an association for community-based projects like ours to have a unified force for social work and serve our country,” she told The Jordan Times. Rabaa Al Balawneh, from Ain Wardeh Organisation in Ajloun, said that the local trust fund provided to project members and founders will allow local organisations to empower women living in governorates, especially those seeking to start home-based businesses. The organisation provides loans without interest, with the option of repaying the loans over a period of two years. “It is a move to encourage women to start a business and get involved in the economic sphere. Anyone can contribute and anyone is able to serve their community, therefore, we support those women and encourage them to start their businesses, no matter how small their project is,” she commented, adding that the projects suggested under the new fund will include handicrafts, dairy products or grocery stores around Ajloun. Al Jassad Al Wahed Organisation member said the organisation, located in west Amman, also aims at fighting extremist ideologies in society, explaining that community organisations could be utilised as a way to limit radical actions through different activities. The plans for using the fund include: Building a petrol station, centres for hybrid cars, factory for organic products, dairy factory, trust funds, developing an aluminum factory and developing a commercial kitchen in different areas around Jordan, such as Mafraq, Zarqa, Irbid, Madaba, Deir Alla, Ajloun, Amman and Al Badiyah Al Shamaliyyah.
Jordan Times 
September 4, 2018