Night-School Programme Targeting Refugees To Start This Year

September 15, 2017

AMMAN — Jordan has designated 198 schools across the Kingdom to implement a 10-month, night-school programme for Syrian refugees. 
The coordinator of the project at the Ministry of Education Hussein Kilani said that the make-up programme, funded by specialised international institutions, aims to integrate Syrian refugee students in all schools of the Kingdom's governorates.
He added that the admission of refugees in schools does not require the submission of any documents or previous school certificates upon registration, and that students with special needs can enrol in schools near their places of residence.
The rehabilitation programme targets Syrian students that have not enrolled in schools for up to three years to enable them to catch up with their peers through intensive Arabic, science, English and mathematics classes.
He pointed out that the programme will allow students to finish the study materials of the first year in the first semester, the second in the second semester and in the summer vacation the students will finish the third year's studies to join their peers the next academic year.
Jordan Times
September 12, 2017