People Need to See a Safe, Effective Transport System in Place — King

June 8, 2017
His Majesty King Abdullah II chairs a follow-up meeting on government plans for enhancing the energy sector

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday chaired two meetings to identify progress made in the government›s plans to improve transport in Jordan and achieve goals set for the renewable energy sector, the Royal Court said.
During the first meeting, held at Al Husseiniya Palace, His Majesty stressed the importance of transport as a vital sector, noting that it should not be neglected or exploited to serve personal interests as deterioration in such services affects the life of every individual and harms the national economy.  
The King underscored the need of collaboration among all ministries and concerned institutions to achieve a quantum leap in the sector that is witnessing a “worrying regression”.
He emphasised the importance of giving priority to taking all needed executive and correctional measures, as well as making the necessary legislative changes to reform the sector. 
“It cannot be accepted that people suffer to reach their workplaces or homes because of the absence of a public transport system which respects their humanity and meets their needs,” His Majesty said, stressing the importance of modernising relevant legislation to keeps up with technology developments. 
He noted that the increase in shipping costs has become an obstacle that faces economy, especially in light of the regional challenges, a matter which requires workable solutions coupled with timeframes.
King Abdullah urged implementing measures that were listed in the 2018-2022 Economic Stimulation Plan, noting that residents need to see a safe and efficient transportation system in place.
For his part, Prime Minister Hani Mulki stressed the government’s commitment to improve the sector.
Transportation Minister Hussein Al Souob outlined the organisational structure of public transport and the ongoing projects.
He noted the challenges that face the  sector such as individual ownership of medium and small transport means, low quality of infrastructure and the lack of government financial support.
For his part, Public Works Minister Sami Halaseh outlined his ministry’s plans, especially those related to the Desert Highway and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project between Amman and Zarqa.
President of the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) Committee Yousef Shawarbeh briefed the King and the ministers on GAM’s projects and measures to improve the sector in the capital.
Meanwhile, His Majesty held a meeting with officials concerned with the renewable energy sector, during which he expressed pride in Jordan’s ability to “achieve major and tangible strides” in efforts to expand the base of renewable energy and diversification of energy sources, according to the Royal Court.
His Majesty stressed the need to enhance transparency in the licensing procedures related to the sector, and to upgrade the skills of workers in “this vital sphere”.
Based on what has been achieved in this field, the King directed the government to draw up a long-term strategy, covering the period up to 2030, while concerned parties should ensure that they respond to the parts concerning renewable energy in the Economic Stimulation Plan and that they keep up with the accelerating technological advancements in the field.  
Updating and ensuring the stability of legislation governing the renewable energy sector is as vital, the King noted, stressing that modern and stable laws are prone to attract investment to this industry. 
On another note, the King underlined the need to develop the electricity grid in the eastern parts of the Kingdom, copying the Green Corridor project in the south region, as there is potential to export electricity to Iraq and Syria in the future.
For his part, Prime Minister Hani Mulki noted that with the achievements made in the renewable energy sector, Jordan is on the right track, vowing continuous efforts by the government to realise the envisioned goals.  
Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ibrahim Saif outlined in his presentation his ministry’s action plans to complete the projects listed in the economic stimulation blueprint according to schedule. 
Royal Court Chief Fayez Tarawneh and the King Office Director Jafar Hassan attended the meeting. 
Jordan Times
June 8, 2017