Terror Suspects Convicted by State Security Court

February 23, 2017

AMMAN -- The State Security Court (SSC) on Wednesday handed down multiple prison terms, ranging from 8 to 15 years of hard labor, against 9 terror convicts, who plotted to carry out terrorist acts on behalf of the terrorist Daesh group.
Eight of the convicts were sentenced to 15-year prison terms while another will serve an 8-year term for promoting the terrorist group's ideology, according to the court's decisions.
One of the convicts planned to target the Marka Military Airport in Amman using an explosive belt before he was arrested by security agencies while monitoring the airport.
Three of the convicts, who received a 15-year prison term with hard labor each, plotted to target any foreign aircraft that lands in the airport using an improvised explosive device, in addition to blowing up a high-voltage line in the Jordan Valley. They also planned to target foreign embassies in the Kingdom.
Another four convicts received orders from the terrorist Daesh group to attack army personnel while returning to their homes and record the attacks. The terrorist group transferred money to the four convicts to buy weapons and press ahead with the scheme and they picked their target, which was a bus carrying army personnel in Zarqa, east of Amman, but they were apprehended by security agency before they execute the plot.
The court found the last convict to be one of Daesh's supporters and members, who sought to promote the terrorist organization's ideology online, and handed him an 8-year prison term with hard labor.
Petra News Agency
February 22, 2017