Youth empowerment online cartoon, film competitions launched

November 8, 2018

AMMAN — The United Nations Population Fund Jordan (UNFPA) and Seven Circles on Thursday launched the “Youth Empowerment Online Cartoon Competition” and the “Youth Empowerment Online Short Film Competition”, on the Working Dreamers online platform, a joint statement said.
Throughout the month of November, youth in Jordan, aged 15-24, will be encouraged to submit either a cartoon or short film that creatively highlights a select topic related to sexual and reproductive health and rights.  
“Jordan’s youth need a place for open discussion on questions they face on their reproductive health and choices. We work hand in hand with young people across the country to ensure they have the right information at the right time so they can make their choices on marriage and children and protect themselves from harm,” said UNFPA Jordan Representative Laila Baker. 
The cartoon competition, which will be held in collaboration with renowned cartoonist Omar Al Abdallat, must include drawings (digital or freehand) that highlight one of the following two topics: safe motherhood; safe deliveries (normal and cesarean sections) and care for newborns, the statement said. 
For the film competition, organised in collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Alaa Hamdan, participants must submit short films (1-2 minutes long) that highlight one of the following two topics: safe motherhood; sexually transmitted infections  and HIV prevention and management. 
Youth of all nationalities who meet the age requirements are invited to submit their entries to before November 30, to enter a cash prize draw in addition to having their cartoons and films featured on Working Dreamers, UNFPA Jordan and Hayat Al Shabab websites. 
“Seven Circles is honoured to work again with UNFPA to inspire our youth in Jordan and assure their well-being. We are very excited to see the youth’s short films and cartoon submissions,” said co-founder of Seven Circles, Dina Saoudi.