Embassy of Jordan Welcomes Girl Scout Troop From Bethesda

(Photos by Sharon Miranda/Jordan Information Bureau)

Washington, D.C. (June 4, 2012) -- The Embassy of Jordan opened its doors for a girl scout troop comprised of twenty four eight-year old girls to learn more about the Kingdom and its pivotal role in the Middle East.

The visit was organized in collaboration with Wood Acres Elementary School from Bethesda, Maryland as part of a study the troop was conducting on Jordan. During the visit, the troop watched a short documentary movie on the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage and history as well as a slide show on Jordan. They learned about Jordan’s people, language, and culture and were able to exchange ideas and ask questions.

They enjoyed an embassy tour, met with the diplomats and employees and read the ‘Sandwich Swap’, a children’s book written by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah and based on her own childhood. The book revolves around themes such as tolerance, understanding, and respect of others, which are characteristics, cherished by Jordanians.

The Troop leader, Margo MacFarland Zaneski, who visited Jordan many times in the past, led the second graders during the visit. Ms. Zaneski previously wrote an article on Petra for the Detroit News as well as one on the Jordanian military for a defense trade publication by Inside Washington Publishers, based in Crystal City, VA.

This visit falls in line with the Embassy’s ongoing mission to raise the awareness of the youth in the United States and bridge between both cultures.