Al Hussein Technical University, Sahara Forest Project Foundation to cooperate in training, development

Al Hussein Technical University Monday signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sahara Forest Project Foundation (SFP), for cooperation in exchanging technical expertise and technical education and applied training for graduates in the fields of energy, water and food security, with aim of engaging more females in the sector.

The memo was signed by Al Hussein Technical University President Labib Khadra and Sahara Forest Project Managing Director Kjetil Stake.

Khadra said that such cooperation stems from the university's keenness to develop real partnerships with community organisations in order to support the development of a Jordanian talent pool that is well-versed in modern technologies, especially in the areas of energy, engineering, and computing.

He said that Sahara Forest Project provides a unique applied training environment as it relies on expertise from a diverse set of fields that together enhance Jordan’s position of self-reliance in the energy, water, and food sectors.

He added that the university believes in the co-creation of advanced curricula through industry partnerships, explaining that the dynamic syllabus and practical high application is the best solution to bridge the gap between the outcomes of higher education and labor market needs.

Stake noted that the training programme is of strategic important for the SFP as it allows the SFP team in Aqaba not only to interact with a pool of highly talented young Jordanian professionals, but also to be challenged by the students.

Another target of the new training programme, he said, is to not only talk about the importance of increased female employment, but to do action-oriented measures to increase the chance of employability and make sure students may be a part of the big shift needed in order to modernize the global agriculture.

He said that the entire Sahara Forest Project team is looking forward to assist HTU in their mission to refresh and advance skills of unemployed young professionals.

Trained women will also be highly interested when making the additional recruiting for the upscaling of the SFP activities in Aqaba in 2021, Stake emphasised.
29 June 2020