Almost half of public sector employees are women — report

AMMAN — Women constitute 43.2 per cent of the total number of employees in 93 ministries and public departments, where the number of total employees stood at 258,899 by the end of 2015, 111,859 of whom were women, Sisterhood Is Global Institute (SIGI) said on Sunday. 
SIGI, citing the 2016 yearbook of the Department of Statistics, said that 81.2 per cent of female employees worked at the education and health ministries, where their numbers exceeded the number of male employees at these two ministries. 
A total of 75,894 females worked at the Education Ministry, amounting for 57.7 per cent of the total number of employees of 55,520, while 54.9 per cent, 14,831 females, worked at the Health Ministry out of 12,171 employees, according to a SIGI statement. 
Other females were distributed across 87 ministries and public departments, with a percentage that did not exceed 18.8 per cent, with 21,034 females, SIGI said, noting that the number of female employees was the highest at the Greater Amman Municipality (3,168 females out of 21,348 employees).
The number of female employees was the lowest in the Port Corporation (7 females out of 2,699) and Jordan Valley Authority (41 females out of 1,547), SIGI added.
In addition to the education and health ministries, females outnumbered males in the Social Development Ministry (1,525 females and 1,179 males) and in the National Library Department (62 females and 45 males).
SIGI said that four public institutions did not have female workers at all: the Supreme Judge Department (1,175 employees), Iftaa Department (147), Awqaf Fund Development Corporation (40) and Aqaba Railway Corporation (682).
Jordan Times
October 29th, 2017