Annual Lammeh event gathers young minds to brainstorm solutions for mutual concerns

The annual event “Lammeh” on Saturday witnessed the participation of young people, who brainstormed a number of ideas on topics of mutual concern, including the environment, community service and Palestine. 
“Lammeh” (“gathering” in English) is an initiative held by a group of activists annually with the aim of providing youth with a platform to share their achievements and brainstorm solutions to obstacles hindering their ambitions.  
Event organiser Banan Rantisi told The Jordan Times that the platform gives young people a chance to spread their ideas, stories and arts, adding that “Lammeh” has plans to reach every country in the world in the years to come.  
“Lammeh’s achievements will make people realise its importance,” she said.
An art gallery was organised on the sidelines of the gathering, which was held at Al Hussein Cultural Centre in Amman. 
Palestinian journalist Ahmed Sheikh shared his story as a child growing up in an occupied Palestinian village.
“Our return to Palestine is not just a dream but our destiny,” Sheikh said, urging people to pass down stories describing Palestine to the next generation to “keep the dream of returning alive”.
Talking about her journey through hardships caused by the Israeli occupation, award-winning Palestinian teacher Hanan Horoub said that she will “nurture hope” in her students’ minds to enable them to build an independent, free Palestine again.
Palestinian photojournalist Osama Silwadi, who was shot by Israeli forces while covering a protest in the occupied West Bank, said he “will never give up” and will continue using his camera to promote Palestinian culture worldwide. 
Zeina Sandouka, also a Palestinian journalist, said: “Even as a journalist required to be objective and neutral, I cannot help but be loyal to my people and their legitimate cause.”
Razan Zyoud, a university instructor and novelist, urged the young people to “unleash their imaginations” and “always be curious” to find answers to the questions occupying their minds.  
Researcher Tariq Bakri talked about an initiative he launched to document the Palestinian history through collecting pictures of houses and neighbourhoods provided by Palestinians in the diaspora. 

Jordan Times 
25 November 2019