CBJ to launch financial awareness campaign for women Saturday

Amman, Mar. 4 (Petra) -- The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) will on Saturday launch an awareness campaign titled "Be the Change" on the occasion of International Women’s Day to disseminate and enhance financial literacy among women.

According to a statement the CBJ released Monday, the campaign aims to raise financial capabilities across all strata of society and highlight the importance of enabling some 3 million women in the Kingdom to access financial and banking services responsibly.

This will have a significant impact on promoting financial inclusion for women and bridging the gender gap in access to financial and banking services, it added. 

The bank underscored that raising banking and financial literacy and awareness among women will contribute to their economic and financial empowerment, and sharing knowledge across generations.

It said that a woman is the cornerstone in any family, so these awareness campaigns enhance her role in creating a financially literate society and achieving sustainable economic development in the kingdom.

The campaign, held in cooperation with Microfund for Women (MFW), targets women of all ages, social status, economic classes and educational backgrounds, it said. 

It will provide an interactive environment in the form of a bank branch, to enable women to recognize various banking and financial products and services, which will be explained by representatives from the CBJ, banks, and the MFW. 

Booklets and educational materials will be distributed during the event, covering different financial aspects related to the importance of saving, as well as raising awareness about the risks of increasing indebtedness and incautious guarantee of another person's debts, the statement said. 

The booklets also explain the client’s rights and responsibilities, the procedure of filing a complaint, in addition to microfinance, and other financial knowledge and skills, thereby narrowing the conceptual and behavioral gaps in financial knowledge, it added. 

The event will also include competitions to obtain feedback from the participants, and will hand out prizes provided by several participating banks, including bank accounts and prepaid cards, to promote the usage of banking products and services, after gaining the necessary financial literacy.

The CBJ will continue to implement more awareness campaigns in the future, targeting broader segments of the society, and strengthening cooperation between the CBJ, banks and financial institutions to contribute to building an aware and literate society, which will have a considerable impact on boosting the economic development, and maintaining the financial stability in the kingdom, the statement said.

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04/03/2019 16:23:04