FAO, NARC to support digitisation process of agricultural services in Jordan

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) and the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) in Jordan have signed a Letter of Agreement to build the capacity to use a mobile application in at least six villages.
On June 23, 2021, FAO Jordan and NARC introduced Ma’ Al Muzare’ – NARC mobile application that provides digital agricultural extension and rural advisory knowledge and information to farmers. 
The Ma’ Al Muzare’ – NARC application will be promoted through Training of Trainers and village-level workshops, according to a FAO statement.
The agreement is in support of the “Digital Innovation of Rural Transformation in the Near East and North Africa and Digital Villages Corporate priority.
The main objective of this agreement, which is funded by FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa, is to support the digitisation process of agricultural services in Jordan by the provision of technical training to NARC’s personnel.
As part of the training, 30 awareness sessions will be conducted at the field level throughout Jordan to raise awareness and train farmers on the proper use of the Ma’ Al Muzare’ – NARC mobile application.
This programme aims to acquaint farmers with the use of the Ma’ Al Muzare’ – NARC theme on Expert to Farmer Forum, where they can post a question, upload a photo and communicate with other farmers and the NARC.  
Farmers will have access to local weather forecasts, crop calendars and advice on good farming practices to conserve natural resources.
FAO Representative in Jordan Nabil Assaf said: “The spread of mobile technologies, remote-sensing services are already improving smallholders’ access to information, inputs and markets, increasing production and productivity.”
“FAO is committed to assisting governments and partners in bridging such multidisciplinary digital divides to ensure that everyone benefits from the emerging digital society,” Assaf added. 
Nizar Haddad, the director general of the NARC, said that this agreement will expand the use of this mobile application, which is considered the first smart application in agriculture in Jordan.
Jordan Times
26 August 2021