Freihat inaugurates 11th annual Warrior Competition

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lt. Gen. Mahmoud Freihat on Sunday attended the inauguration ceremony of the 11th annual international Warrior Competition at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre (KASOTC).
KASOTC Director General Col. Omar Shqeirat said that this year’s competition, which includes 39 teams from 27 countries, was being held in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah’s Ascension to the Throne, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
Shqeirat added that the Kingdom would remain at the forefront of efforts in the war against terrorism, noting that as times change and so, too, do the tools used to combat terrorism. He added that the KASOTC was following such changes in order to develop its training systems.
The director general said that the annual competition has played a role in the development of the centre by bringing together “the best of the world”, not only to compete but also to exchange experience and learn from one another.
He added that the competition was an important military event that provides an opportunity to build partnerships among the participating teams.
The inauguration ceremony included several events implemented by various units of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and security apparatuses, including a drill on attacking a terrorist cell and protecting a VIP.
The Special Unit/71 also implemented a raiding exercise using ropes and explosives. The simulated mission was carried out using machine guns and included freeing hostages and arresting terrorists.

Jordan Times 
15 April 2019