Government discusses King's 7th paper, commends its advanced national components

 AMMAN - The cabinet Monday discussed His Majesty King Abdullah II's 7th Discussion Paper entitled "Developing Human Resources and Education Imperative for Jordan’s Progress."
During its meeting chaired by Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki, the cabinet commended the King's paper and its advanced national components, which are directly concerned with the development of Jordan's human resources, which have always been the Kingdom's real fortune, as well as developing the educational process and dealing with its weakness in the past period, in order to place Jordan among the ranks of developed countries in terms of the educational status.
The cabinet said all sectors are concerned with discussing and analyzing the contents of this paper and taking steps and procedures to translating them on the ground, thus contributing to the development of human resources and the educational process as national priorities regardless of political differences.
Petra News Agency
April 17, 2017