Initiative launched to support Jordanians in Europe, raise funds to combat virus

The Jordanian-European Higher Commission in Berlin has  launched an initiative titled “Abshir Ya Wattan”  to support the Kingdom’s battle against the novel coronavirus.
The initiative’s programmes include collecting donations to support the country’s national efforts towards fighting the virus, raising awareness about its risks and supporting Jordanians in all European countries.
Manun Shdaifat, head of the commission, said that the project focuses on  integrating existing Jordanian initiatives in European countries into “Abshir Ya Wattan”, as well as forming a higher coordination commission to follow up on and give priority to Jordanians’ wellbeing and protect them from the causes of infection.
The initiative aims at providing material support and encouragement to Jordanian medics and personnel in fields related to the health sector and  preparing a daily bulletin on the latest information about Jordanians in Europe, the US and Australia, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
The new initiative also seeks to coordinate between the Foreign Ministry and Health Ministry in marketing and introducing Jordanian health products during these exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Highlighting the importance of the initiative in supporting fundraising efforts, Shdaifat said that it will contribute to collecting financial and in-kind donations, noting that donations are received through the Central Bank of Jordan’s Himmat Watan account No. 1/3400/400, opened under Defence Order No. 4, and the Health Ministry's account No. 1/310/1181.
Jordan Times 
7 April 2020