Jordan endorses action plan for implementation of UNSCR 1325 on women’s rights — SIGI

AMMAN —  Seventeen years after the publication of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) on women, peace and security, the Jordanian Government has endorsed the National Action Plan (NAP) for Jordan, Executive Director of the Sisterhood Is Global Institute (SIGI) Asma Khader said on Wednesday. 
During SIGI’s weekly cultural evening which focused on the role of NGOs in executing the NAP, Khader, who is also a former minister, stressed that, despite the saddening “late” endorsement of the plan, it renews the hopes of unifying efforts to achieve its goals within a comprehensive framework. 
Civil societies’ role lies in providing training and development programmes for individuals, raising awareness, reporting and documenting issues, Khader said, stressing the need to document cases of Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan women who lost their families, sustained  injuries, became single mothers or live as refugees and victims of wars.
“As the resolution is moving from theory to practice, we [believe] that each woman’s story is important, whether she is a direct or indirect victim of war, and that we should present their cases in an international platform, an international court, to get justice and ensure they gain their rights back,” she added.
The NAP is essential in protecting women’s rights and enhancing their participation in the political and economic life, Khader highlighted. 
Kaltham Mreish, the secretary general of SIGI and a member of the National Coalition to implement the resolution, praised the achievements of the Jordanian army which has been implementing gender equality in its peacekeeping missions and trainings provided by its peacekeeping training centre.
The centre is also currently training a female officer to become a representative of women affairs in the UN Security Council, Mreish added. 
The female peacekeeping missions included providing psychological aid to the women in war zones as well as providing medicine and medical care, Mreish noted. 
Jordan Times
December 14, 2017