Jordan takes part in International Labor Conference in Geneva

Jordan, represented by the Minister of Labor Nidal Batayneh, took part in the 108th session of International Labor Conference in Geneva.

In a press statement on Tuesday, Batayneh stressed the importance of living up to young people’s aspirations through this session, and addressing the circumstances, challenges, and events the world is currently witnessing.

He said that governments, employers and workers, are coming together to hold a positive and constructive dialogue to reach an advanced level of cooperation and coordination in light of current political, social, and economic challenges that led to a lower economic growth.

The decline of economic growth negatively affected citizen’s living conditions and job opportunities, and increased the rates of unemployment.

The International Labor Organization's (ILO) Director-General Jay Ryder presented a report titled "Working for a Brighter Future," which addressed the best practices to enhance the future of labor around the world.

The conference tackled a number of topics, including Ryder’s report, propositions regarding the program and budget, information and reports on the implementation of agreements and recommendations, and the ILO’s 100th outcome document.

Over 5,700 workers, businessmen, and governmental delegates of 187 countries attended the conference, which will conclude on June 21.

Batayneh is scheduled to speak next Friday at the conference, and hold meetings with heads of delegations from participating countries on the sidelines.
11 June 2019