The Jordan Tourism Board to organise two Dubai-Aqaba tourist flights weekly

AMMAN — The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) will organise two tourist flights a week from Dubai to Aqaba, JTB said on Thursday. 
Director General Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat told The Jordan Times that the board will launch promotional campaigns for Jordan in the UAE, especially Dubai.
The campaign in the UAE aims to attract foreigners, who live in Dubai, to Aqaba with “very competitive prices”, Arabiyat said.
The JTB has supported the price of tickets from Dubai to Aqaba to stand at JD85 to attract the largest possible number of tourists to the Red Sea city.
Arabiyat said that the JTB has promotional plans and programmes during this year that will have a “positive impact” on the tourism sector and its indicators.
The board has drafted a strategic plan for the next three years, the director added.
The strategy focuses on various types of tourism such as medical, religious, historical and cultural and adventure trips, according to Arabiyat.
The director noted that the board is also working on improving the conference and convention tourism, operations of low-cost and charter flights, the branding strategy for “unique” Jordanian tourism products, and a digital strategy to keep up with technological developments in the field. 
Arabiyat stressed that the strategy also focuses on markets and groups that are expected to “better respond” to the campaigns.
JTB will also increase its promotion in the US, China, the UK, France, Germany and Malaysia, in addition to Arab countries.      
The director voiced appreciation for the government’s support of the tourism sector, understanding the impact of the current situation in the region on tourism and recognising the importance of the promotional campaigns.
He noted the increase in the budget of marketing and promotion, which contributed to mitigating the negative impact of the regional situation on the Kingdom’s tourism.
Jordan Times
January 11, 2018