Over 2,000 pharmacies start home delivery of medicine

President of the Jordanian Pharmacists Association (JPA) Zaid Kilani said 2,500 pharmacies in the Kingdom on Tuesday began deliveries of medicine and baby formula to homes across the Kingdom.

He stated that 6,000 pharmacists across the Kingdom volunteered to deliver medicine using their private vehicles, following the government’s decision to allow pharmacies to operate during the curfew, while avoiding direct contact with people.

In a statement to Petra, Kilani explained that medicine, including those for chronic conditions and other prescription drugs, will be delivered at the doorstep.

Pharmacies will operate until 8 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, he added, pointing out that working hours will be announced at a later date after coordinating with the concerned authorities.

Kilani stated that the JPA will announce later today an electronic link with pharmacies authorized for distribution, adding that it will include their location and telephone numbers.

He also assured that all medicines and formula for babies are available sufficiently in pharmacies, as manufacturing companies provide them along with various health and medical supplies.
24 March 2020