Prime Minister, economic team visit potash company

AMMAN-- Prime Minister, Hani al-Mulki and the government's economic team Monday visited the Arab Potash Company (APC), as part of field trips the government's economic team intends to pay to promising sectors, which are vital engines of the national economy and significantly contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
During a meeting with the APC Chairman of the Board of Directors Jamal Al Sarayrah, CEO Brent Heimann and a number of Board and executive management members, the prime minister said that the APC is one of Jordan's most important companies that provide the national economy with competencies and funding.
Al-Mulki added that the current government's efforts focus on economic development and stimulate economic growth. "To achieve this goal, the economic team will visit companies and institutions that largely contribute to the national economy," he noted.
He pointed out that the economic team's visits aim to examine issues that will lead to increased production, profitability and the contribution of these companies and institutions in the national economy, as well as raising their growth rates and enhancing production opportunities and competition.
The prime minister called on the APC to quickly invest in complementary industries such as chlorine, caustic soda and heavy water production, pointing out that these industries contribute to the diversification of production and consumer base, which will stabilize the company's sales and income.
He also offered the government's support for the company to expand its investment in complementary industries and to overcome any obstacles that may face its work, including the company's plans to generate electricity via gas turbines for its industries usage. This will enable the company to compete and attract investments, while emphasizing the importance of continuing the company's plans to increase its potash production, he added.
The premier emphasized the importance of the role of the railway, which the APC intends to establish between its location in the Ghor Al Safi, in the Southern Jordan Valley to Aqaba to transport its products, in achieving the desired development in the Wadi Araba area.
He called for coordination and partnership between the APC, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and Ministries of Transport and Public Works and Housing to link this railway with the planned railway between the southern governorate of Ma'an and the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) and reach the southern port through which the potash is being exported.
The prime minister and his team were briefed on the company's achievements in 2016, the global potash market and the company's future plans to increase production and investments in derivative industries to maximize the added value of the potash product and create more jobs to address poverty and unemployment in Jordan.
Petra News Agency
April 17, 2017