The Royal Film Commission, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation sign agreement for training

AMMAN — The Royal Film Commission (RFC) and Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF) on Wednesday signed, for the second consecutive year, an agreement supporting one of RFC’s flagship training programmes “Med Film Factory” (MFF). 
The programme aims to provide advanced training for Arab directors and producers, from the whole Arab region, teaming up to work on their first or second feature narrative film project, according to an RFC statement. 
This programme provides filmmakers with specialised training, helping them achieve their feature narrative film project in “the most proficient way possible”, the statement said.
Organised by the RFC since 2011, MFF gives the participating teams the necessary tools to bring their feature narrative films in development to a further level. 
Through an intensive workshop, directors and producers are trained by experts using practical and focused methods enabling them to utilise the experience they gain from MFF to work on their current projects, in addition to benefiting from it for their future works, the statement read. 
During the workshop, participants will shoot a short film inspired by their narrative feature film project. 
The programme runs for 10 days from October 20 until October 29.  The programme will host international and local tutors as well as experts to train the participants. Teams will take part at different film markets that correspond best to their project. 
This MFF’s edition will host six teams; an increase as compared to previous years following the positive feedback received about  this programme, according to the statement.   
“The outcome of our partnership with Abdul Hameed Shoman led to the identification of talents in the region, able to make their voices heard through film, at a time when the Arab region is in dire need to reflect the reality of its society, its vitality and its diversity,” George David, managing director of the RFC, was quoted in the statement as saying.
 Valentina Qussisiya, chief executive officer of AHSF, said in the statement: “We are happy to contribute to this programme that provides support and training to young talents in cinema.” 
The programme has already contributed to the development of 29 feature narrative film projects, as well as “refining the skills” of about 55 producers and 55 directors from Jordan and the rest of the Arab world, according to the statement. 
Jordan Times
October 12th, 2017