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Turkey, Jordan share deep historical and cultural ties –– Envoy

AMMAN –– Turkish Ambassador to Jordan Murat Karagoz said Tuesday that his country considers the Kingdom a close friend and strategic partner in regional cooperation, expressing his satisfaction with the level of ties.
In remarks to mark 70 years of relations, the envoy said that modern-time relations between Jordan and Turkey date back to the first half of the twentieth century, after the independence of the Republic of Turkey in 1923 and the declaration of independence of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1946.
He said HM King Abdullah I, founder of modern Jordan, visited Turkey upon the invitation of late President of Turkey, Ismet Inonu, in 1947 and during the visit, diplomatic relations were established through the signing of a "Treaty of Friendship".
Since then, Turkey and Jordan have been linked with historical and unwavering bonds of solidarity and friendship, he added.
The envoy said the enactment of the 2011 Free Trade Agreement and the Agreement on Visa Exemption signed in 2009 were of paramount importance to cement relations, adding that direct flights between Amman and Istanbul and Ankara as well as people-to-people contacts had reached an exceptional level.
"As the 20th Ambassador of Turkey to Jordan since the establishment of diplomatic relations, I would like to commemorate this historic date, and extend my heartfelt wishes for the prosperity and well-being of Turkey and Jordan on the basis of fraternity", he added.
Petra News Agency
January 10, 2017