King, Queen tour Louvre Abu Dhabi

AMMAN — Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania on Thursday visited the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which sheds light on the history of mankind and art, and highlights the common values of various civilisations and cultures.
Their Majesties toured several halls at the museum, which is considered the first international museum in the Arab world, and had a first-hand look at showcased artworks that date back to pre-historic ages and include modern works that were especially designed for the museum, according to a Royal Court statement.
Among the exhibited items was a statute of Ain Ghazal, which was selected as a sample of 36 statutes that were found at Ain Ghazal in Amman and represent the ancient civilisations that inhabited Jordan, dating back to the Neolithic Revolution 10,000 years ago.
King Abdullah and Queen Rania listened to a presentation from the head of the culture and tourism department in Abu Dhabi, Mohammad Khalifeh Mubarak, on the facilities and items of the museum which houses more than 600 archaeological and modern pieces, in addition to 300 pieces borrowed from French museums. 
Jordan Times
February 8, 2018