1946: Emir Abdullah becomes the first King of independent Transjordan

1949: US recognizes the Jordanian government

1950: The first US Minister to Jordan, Gerald A. Drew, presents credentials to King Abdullah I (February 24)

1951: King Abdullah I assassinated

1953: Prince Hussein officially accedes to the throne and is recognized as King of Jordan by United States and Britain

1954: US begins large-scale aid to, and investment in, Jordan

1957: The Eisenhower Doctrine set forth a call for independence and integrity of every nation of the Middle East. 

1957: King Hussein asks for US support in the event of Soviet or Israeli intervention in the country

1994: Peace Agreement signed between Jordan and Israel

1958: America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc. (AMIDEAST) opens an advising center in Amman—development of educational ties between the United States and Jordan. 

1954: U.S. and Jordan sign an agricultural commodities agreement in the 1954 Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act

1966-7: Arab-Israeli War sends thousands of Palestinian refugees into Jordan

1969: King Hussein makes an official visit to the United States; presents his six-point peace plan

1973: Arab-Israeli War

1977: U.S. and Jordanian officials meet several times to discuss the Middle East peace process

1979: Egypt and Israel sign the peace treaty between the two countries

1988: King Hussein relinquishes Jordan’s claim on the Israeli-occupied West Bank of the River Jordan

1991: Peace talks about the Middle East begin again with the U.S. and Jordan

1993: Israel and Jordan sign a ‘common agenda’, paving the way for future peace negotiations

1994: (July) Washington Declaration signed; Israel and Jordan declare peace, opening the way for a formal peace treaty

1994: (October) The Israel-Jordan Peace Agreement is signed. 

1998: King Hussein dies from complications from cancer

1999: Prince Abdullah accedes King Hussein’s throne

2000: Jordan-U.S. Free Trade Agreement is signed

2005: King Abdullah introduces the Amman Message, declaring Islam’s core values of peace and of tolerance

2008: A bipartisan, congressional group, Friends of Jordan Caucus, formed in the United States to strengthen relations